The (Broken) Vagina Monologues: Part 5 - A Vaginal Video Game

Hello again friends! It’s been a while! My broken vagina and I have actually been busy growing a little human (I am aware that it’s my womb doing the growing, but it makes more sense poetically to say it’s my vag), and in a few months time (December to be exact) I will be pushing him out of it too! If I thought sex was painful, I feel like childbirth is going to be a whole other level… However, I realise I left you on a bit of a cliffhanger (or a clit-hanger as my pals at My Dad Wrote A Porno blog would say), and it’s time to catch up! - Does it live up to it's name?

When you call your company CoolStuff, you are setting your customers some pretty big expectations. Thankfully, meet and then exceed these expectations, as their website is full of… well.. cool stuff! They invited me to choose a few things from the website that I would like to try and usually with brands this process is pretty quick. A few hours later however, I had a pretty beefy list of things I wanted! I spent even longer narrowing this down to an acceptable list of things to ask for! 

Festivals & Technology

Like most of us, I love a good music festival. Spending time with friends in the sunshine (except it usually rains but still), with drinks, listening to amazing bands, dancing with strangers and generally having an amazing time.

Why I Overshare...

If you have spoken to me in real life, it will come as no surprise that I am a bit of an over sharer. My broken vagina updates come up as a regular topic at various blog events and if I take a particularly noteworthy poop, I’m more than happy to offer a detailed description. Hey - I have never pretended to be classy! 

Save Brooklyn Nine-Nine!

Earlier this week, when I was feeling a bit down and wanted something easy to watch to cheer myself up, I started re-watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine. I woke up this morning to the news that it is being cancelled and, predictably, your girl has some feels. After suffering with bloggers-block for a few weeks, it seems that this travesty is what I needed to get out of my slump. 

Hamilton - A Review

I’m not going to insult your intelligence and assume you haven’t heard of the biggest musical right now, but if you have been living under a large rock... under the sea... on another planet, then I’m talking about Hamilton.

BlogOnX Introduce Yourself Linky

I am so excited to be going to BlogOn again this year! It's one of the best blogging events I've ever been to, with a goody-bag so big you genuinely need a suitcase! The first time I went, there was a small group of us, but this year I'm going on my lonesome and I'm very nervous but excited to meet new people. So, here is the BlogOnX Introduce yo'self linky, even if you're not attending, it might be fun to read. 

Our New Office Makeover

When Steven and I are feeling low, we like to mix things up, and we like to spend money. There’s something about that combination that makes us feel a little better, and a few weeks ago, at around 8pm on a Friday night, we decided that we wanted to move our offices around. Because why not. 

Bongo's Bingo - Does it live up to the Hype?

If you haven’t heard of Bongo’s Bingo, where have you been? No longer just a hobby for the blue-rinse-brigade, Bongo’s combines the number-daubing game, with music, drinking and dancing on benches, plus a whole load of weird and wonderful prizes. I recently attended a Bongo’s Bingo event for the first time in Leeds the other week and it was… interesting!

Get Sexy this Valentines' Day with Hunkemöller*

I am about as sexy as a jacket potato. It’s okay, I know who I am. I’m funny, and I’m cute but I am absolutely not sexy. Thankfully I’m married and so I can be confident that Steven loves me regardless, but after everything that’s happened recently, I am trying to challenge myself to do more things that scare me.