#BEDN: Why Mulan>Anyone

I’m going to go right out and say it: Mulan is the best, and most unappreciated Disney “Princess” ever. I know she might not be an official Prin, but girl saved China, she can be a damn Queen if she wants to! She’s a kickass babe, relatably clumsy, hilarious and all round amazing - So why have I never met a little girl who says she’s their favourite?!

#BEDN: Beauty, or 'Where was I when everyone learnt this stuff?!'

Today’s #BEDN prompt is ‘beauty’, and my first thought was to write something cheesy about how ‘beauty is only skin deep’ or something, but I haven’t had enough wine for that! However, it did bring to mind the hoards of Zoella-esque Beauty Gurus, with their ‘on fleek’ eyebrows and ombre lips and smokey eyes, and yet as we have seen here, I haven’t got a bloody clue! Regular guest blogger Bethan is my own personal beauty guru and every time she answers my panicked texts (wtf is an eyelash primer?!) with cool calm confidence, I wonder where I was when everyone else was at 'how to be a successful woman' classes?!

#BEDN: British Tag

The lovely Sarah from Raiin Monkey tagged me in the British Tag and it seemed like a great BEDN Sunday post, so here goes! Check out her blog for totally adorableness and great posts :) I don't really think of myself as particularly patriotic so this could be interesting

#BEDN: Winter Work Warmers

Looking out of the window at my office, it's pretty clear that Winter is speeding towards us. Mostly because I work in Manchester and so the streets below are filled with Christmas Market stalls ready to open this weekend (& the mulled wine stall just so happens to be right outside of our front door!). Either way, it's bloody nippy and difficult to work when you're worried various appendages are going to drop off without warning, so here are my Winter Work Warmers.

#BEDN: Autumnal Living room

Now that I'm almost a proper grown-up, I actually get real pleasure from looking at the homeware aisles of shops. I'm embarrassed to admit it, but it's true and so I've decided to just embrace it. So today's post is just a collection of cute accessories that I think would really turn your living room (or whatever term you use) into a cosy autumnal haven in which to hide from the rain.

#BEDN: Top Ten Tips to Get S*it Done!

This might just be me, but when I have a huge amount of things to do, I tend to just bury my head in the sand a la the ostrich and hope that the To Do List Fairy comes along and does it all for me. She doesn't.

So, then, it is my task to catch up on all of the things and as something of a bit of a last-minute-Minnie, I feel that I've managed to try and test a whole host of ways to get my focus on. As a way of procrastinating from the things in my life that need doing, I figured I would share my tips with you. You're welcome.

#BEDN: Home Office Tour

Today's #BEDN prompt is "style". I'm currently sat here in my PJs and a giant varsity hoody from a University I didn't even go to - so safe to say that I am not the right person to talk style in regards to fashion! That said, I decided I'd do a little home office tour, as it's the only room in the house that is entirely mine, (& the kitten's too of course!) and I think it shows off my "style" the best.

#BEDN: Liverpool Blogger Event - November 2015

I'm on the train on the way home for the latest Liverpool blogger event and in my happy bubble of post-event euphoria, I figured I'd give you a little insight to blogger events and some tips on what to expect. This one was by Jenny who organised the first one I went to and has quickly become one of my favourite people in the blogging world!

#BEDN: What you Left Behind - Jessica Verdi

An advanced copy of this book was kindly sent to me for review by the publishers. This book follows super popular, football star (of course) Ryden as he navigates life with a small baby after the death of his girlfriend to cancer. So, it's pretty heavy, though ultimately enjoyable to read.

#BEDN: #ConsentIs...

Trigger warning, sexual assault Consent is something that is very important to me, having launched the 'EHSU <3 Consent' campaign at my Union when I was Vice President, and so when I heard of the #ConsentIs campaign, I knew I wanted to be involved - the fact that the lady I spoke to was a volunteer at the Peterborough centre (my home town!) felt like fate.

#BEDN: 50 iPhone Apps To Earn Cash: Review

You may remember my Big Money Challenge post from a few weeks ago (& if not you should check it out immediately!) where I embarked on a number of Internet ideas to try and make some pennies. As an update, Prolific Academic is incredibly successful and I've already racked up over £20 with it being super interesting and enjoyable to do - Yay!