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My Favourite Ever Book

Our story begins with pure, unadulterated hunger. A hunger for food, of course, but perhaps a deeper hunger, for life, love, growth. A feeling that resounds with us all; of never being full.

Butter - A Review

“Butter’’ is one of those books that you’re not really sure how it ended up on your Kindle but you’re glad. I knew I wanted to read something less ‘heavy’ than a lot of the things I’ve read recently, and this seemed quite interesting. The plot is quite unusual, Butter is a morbidly obese teenager, who, fed up with being known for nothing other than his huge appetite, decides to eat himself to death, live on the internet on New Year’s Eve.

Girl Online: A Review

I’ve only ever seen a few of Zoella’s vlogs and they’re fine. I don’t think I am the target audience, so she is certainly not my favourite vloggers, however as an avid fan of all Youtube culture, it was never in doubt that I would end up reading her debut novel, Girl Online. I read the whole thing in less than 12 hours, and I’m surprised to say that I didn’t hate it.

Attachment: A Review

I loved Eleanor & Park and I’m not sure any Rainbow Rowell book will ever live up to it in my eyes, but of course I wanted to give her others ago. I was really not sure about Attachments until after I had gotten past the half-way mark, which is exactly how I’d felt about Landline.

Codiekinz' Top 10 books of 2014!

I don’t know about you guys, but I love year reviews! Whether that’s the ‘Top 10 news stories of the year’, or even the ‘100 stupidest words that were used in 2015’, I love a nostalgic look back at the year. As this is the year I fell back in love with reading after finishing my degree (yay!) I figured the best review I could do is the 10 best books I read this year! Granted, not many of these books were actually released in 2015, but I read them and loved them.

Bridget Jones - Mad about the Boy Review

I love Bridget Jones, from her giant knickers to her familiar ability to always say the wrong thing at the wrong time. I have read the first two books more times than I could even count and will watch the films whenever they happen to be on good old ITV2. It makes sense, then, that when I heard Helen Fielding was releasing a new Jones’ adventure, I was giddy with excitement!

I love my Kindle!

As a lover of books, and an ex employee of one of the UK’s biggest bookshops, I should be ashamed to say that I own, and love, a Kindle e-reader. But I’m not. Not really.

Tuesdays with Morrie: Review

Instead of throwing a bucket of ice over herself to raise awareness of ALS, my best friend nominated me to read the book Tuesdays with Morrie. Now, this is not exactly an obscure book, and so it is a shock to me that in the many weeks of news feeds being full of people’s ice bucket videos (and status’ of people complaining about it) not one person had mentioned this book.