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2018 Book Review Roundup - YA Fiction

Last year I read so many books and I told myself I’d review them as I went. Did I do that?! Did I heck! So here we are at the start of 2019 and I’m having to go back and review all the books I read in 2018! They won’t be super in depth because it would take me until next Christmas to do that many, and I also think it can be a good thing to just do a little teaser.

5 Books to Read This Summer

As I am 100% swamped with exam prep (#prayforCodie) and wedding planning ( and general life, I asked the lovely Maisie to write me a guest post and, of course, it was about books! I haven't read any of these, so I will be downloading a few for the honeymoon (62 days and counting!)

The Devil's Work - Mark Edwards

I’ve declared my love for Mark Edwards’ books plenty of times on this blog, however, after reading Catch Your Death and being a tiny bit disappointed (it just wasn't as amazing as his others!), I was a little wary about The Devil’s Work. I needn’t have worried. In true Mark Edwards’ style, it was breathtaking. 

Wilson in my 20s

I have always been a big Jacqueline Wilson fan - her books were such a huge part of my childhood but I struggled to keep up with them as I grew up and eventually I just kinda seemed to not bother. So here I am at 24 and a half and I have challenged myself to read ALL OF THE BOOKS. I headed to google to find out exactly how many books the Queen had written and no one could give me a good answer, but it's clear that there is a whole load. I do know that it was over 100 in 2014... That's a lot of books.

Spring/Summer Book Round Up!

In true Codie style, I have not kept up with a monthly series I wanted to do! It seems I am too much of a free spirit and cannot be tamed by my own schedule. To make up for my all round uselessness, I’ve decided to review the most recent books I’ve read since my last proper book blogger post. 

#BEDN: What you Left Behind - Jessica Verdi

An advanced copy of this book was kindly sent to me for review by the publishers. This book follows super popular, football star (of course) Ryden as he navigates life with a small baby after the death of his girlfriend to cancer. So, it's pretty heavy, though ultimately enjoyable to read.

What We Left Behind - Robin Talley: A Review

It's important to preface this review by saying that I, personally, do not have any experience of being transgender, and therefore cannot comment fully on whether this book is an accurate representation or not. I do, however, have a few trans* friends, from whom I have learnt as much as possible, and so I can only really base my critique of that part of the story, on the knowledge I have picked up through research and conversations, and not through lived experience, which of course, would be far more valid.

The Scorch Trials: Book VS Film

Today's post was written by a dear friend of mine, Rachel Hatton. Rachel has amazing taste in books and films, as well as being a hugely talented writer, and so she's easily the best person to write this comparison between the Maze Runner series of books and the recent film, The Scorch Trials

Paper Towns Movie Review

Paper Towns is my third favourite John Green Book. Looking for Alaska is my first, The-Book-That-We-Are-Not-Mentioning is the second. That’s not to say I don’t love it, I actually really enjoyed it, I just preferred the other two. That said, I was very concerned that the film wouldn’t do it justice...