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My Baby Class Obsession

It’s 3 o clock and I find myself dancing around with a guy. He’s been a bit sick but I’m not put off - we’ve all been there pal. I’ve got a bottle in one hand, the music is pumping and the lights are pulsating to the beat. I’m singing along and I can’t stop smiling, I’m utterly giddy - there’s a bubble machine for goodness sake. I’m having the time of my life.

Why Centre Parcs is the best place for a UK babymoon

Being pregnant is really bloody hard. I won’t go into all the reasons why, but if there is ever a time you need a holiday, it’s when you’re pregnant. A baby moon might seem a little extra, but when you really think about the fact that in just a few more weeks your life is going to be turned upside down by a tiny tornado and this is the last time you’ll be able to travel with your other half as just the two of you, you’ll start to see why it's a necessity. 

Hypnobirthing 101

I’m not ashamed to say I can be a bit of a hippy at times. I like my yoga with singing bowls and “ommms” galore and my products natural and cruelty free. However, Hypnobirthing isn’t, or at least doesn’t have to be, a hippy thing. I do think the name is a little misleading - you’re not being hypnotised before pushing the baby out, and I think if more people knew what it was about, they would be more inclined to give it a go.