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Get Sexy this Valentines' Day with Hunkemöller*

I am about as sexy as a jacket potato. It’s okay, I know who I am. I’m funny, and I’m cute but I am absolutely not sexy. Thankfully I’m married and so I can be confident that Steven loves me regardless, but after everything that’s happened recently, I am trying to challenge myself to do more things that scare me.

The Relationship Archives - 1: Knee Deep in Slimy Toads 

I am, and always have been, a hopeless romantic. I’m a soppy mess who cries at romcoms and used to fall asleep dreaming of falling in love on a train/on holiday/in a theatre. I’m happily married now, and Steven is absolutely perfect, but please believe me when I say, I have had some hilariously disastrous relationships to get to this point. They say you have to kiss a few frogs, but I was almost knee deep in slimy toads.

#BEDN: #ConsentIs...

Trigger warning, sexual assault Consent is something that is very important to me, having launched the 'EHSU <3 Consent' campaign at my Union when I was Vice President, and so when I heard of the #ConsentIs campaign, I knew I wanted to be involved - the fact that the lady I spoke to was a volunteer at the Peterborough centre (my home town!) felt like fate.