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A Very Codiekinz Christmas! (Or why I am glad I didn't get a Michael Kors watch)

Merry Christmas all! I hope you've had a lovely, relaxing (haha!) holiday with family, and are full of good tidings and happiness. I've had a great Christmas, as always. We spend the actual day with Steven's family as there are four children, and Christmas is way more exciting with small, excitable children! We visit my family after Boxing Day, to draw out the festivities and make the most of it. At the grand old age of 23 and childless, I still embrace Christmas as my favourite day of the year, however every year it seems to last less time and fly by quicker! Your second Christmas in a relationship is an odd one, I feel...

Why I'm glad I had a Crappy Christmas once

One year, both my parents lost their jobs within months of one another, just before winter and it hit my family hard. It was neither of their faults, just one of those rubbish ‘life’ things that sneaks up on you and punches you in the face when you really don’t have the time or energy for it. In the run up to Christmas, our parents told myself and my younger sister that we would not be getting any presents for Christmas.