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#BEDN: Beauty, or 'Where was I when everyone learnt this stuff?!'

Today’s #BEDN prompt is ‘beauty’, and my first thought was to write something cheesy about how ‘beauty is only skin deep’ or something, but I haven’t had enough wine for that! However, it did bring to mind the hoards of Zoella-esque Beauty Gurus, with their ‘on fleek’ eyebrows and ombre lips and smokey eyes, and yet as we have seen here, I haven’t got a bloody clue! Regular guest blogger Bethan is my own personal beauty guru and every time she answers my panicked texts (wtf is an eyelash primer?!) with cool calm confidence, I wonder where I was when everyone else was at 'how to be a successful woman' classes?!

#BEDN: #ConsentIs...

Trigger warning, sexual assault Consent is something that is very important to me, having launched the 'EHSU <3 Consent' campaign at my Union when I was Vice President, and so when I heard of the #ConsentIs campaign, I knew I wanted to be involved - the fact that the lady I spoke to was a volunteer at the Peterborough centre (my home town!) felt like fate.

#BEDN: Something New About Yourself

This year, I've decided to take part in Blog Every Day in November (#BEDN). It's November 1st and I had already forgotten until now (4pm) - good job Codie! I've never been great at doing something consistently everyday, I can have the greatest intentions but my head is always in the clouds so to rarely pans out. Hopefully BEDN will be different! Today's prompt is "Something New About Yourself"...