Getting Out of My Blogging Slump

Getting Out of My Blogging Slump


In the past few days, every time I've sat down to try and write a blog post, whether it's been on the train, in my home office or even during lunchtime at work, nothing has happened. The words have started to come out, but not a nice flow of well-structured sentences, but more a jagged drip of... awful! I'll put this down to having to write so much content during my day job, that maybe my head has just ran out of words. Either way, I’ve lost (that lovin’ feelin’) my blogging spark!

I think, or at least I hope, I’ve started to get the fire back, and so I have decided to put together a post of what has helped me do this, in the hopes that maybe it could help someone else in the same position too.


I’m really lucky to be engaged to an incredible designer/photographer/website builder who is always willing to help me out with my blog, however I decided I wanted a new look, and that I wanted to do it myself. Part of this is due to how busy Steven is with actual paying clients (of which you could be one by clicking here!) that I don’t want to put any more work on his desk, but the main reason is my ridiculous stubbornness, controlling personality and inability to explain what I want. I had a little play around on Canva (I bloody love Canva!) and managed to make myself a new blog header. Yay! I also used it on my Youtube channel, Twitter account and Facebook page - like proper, real branding!


I have a list of potential blog ideas as long as my arm. Scribbled on receipts, written on my phone notes and just wiggling around in my head, but my crippling self-doubt has prevented them from coming to fruition. Instead of trying to force myself to churn out content, I decided to concentrate on other aspects of blogging. Mostly, reading. I’ve always loved reading blogs, and the best thing to come out of my blogging slump was discovering new things to read. The only slight issue with this, was seeing how amazing some blogs are which only served to make me feel inadequate…!



I have so many pins, email newsletters and saved bookmarks full of blogging advice and motivation, that I haven’t had time to look at, so I decided this was the perfect time. I read as much as possible about the world of blogging, and how best to manage your time, and it served the purpose of getting me pumped to get back into the game (I make it sound like it’s been years, it’s really only been a few weeks and I’ve posted book reviews and guest posts!). One series I found that I absolutely adored, was Life Unexpected’s ‘Organise your Blog’. Free printables galore! Check it out to up your blogging game!


Although I haven’t been writing, I’ve been trying to do other beneficial blog things, such as engaging in the community, joining linkys and trying to increase my social media following. It may be indirect, but it did help me to feel like I wasn’t giving up entirely and was doing something somewhat productive. Hopefully this will all put me in good stead now I’ve started to get into the flow.


I have such a lovely home office, but it also doubles as a craft room, and my creative mind is also very messy. By attempting to make all my Christmas presents this year (I regret this already!), I have filled my work space with pins, paint and pieces of fabric - not idea for concentration. I’m planning on spending an evening giving it a nice overhaul. Removing the empty wine glasses (oops), and keeping my craft items in my craft wardrobe (post on that to come!).

So here we go. I’m ready to carry on with my blogging journey (cringe!), and hopefully take it to the next level.

If you have any tips or feedback for me, I’d love to hear it!

Wish me luck!

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