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Speaking Love Languages

I'm one of those people that loves to do little personality quizzes in order to find out about myself. Whether they're the silly Buzzfeed ' How Compatible with Jim from The Office are you?' (91% thank you very much) or the renowned Meyers Briggs type test (I was an INFJ but recently scored as an ENFP - who even knows?!), I just like to know. 

The one that has actually been useful to my life, is the Five Love Languages. A short and simple 'Would you rather' type test which tells you your 'love languages' at the end - basically, how you like to be shown love. 

How my optimism has failed me...

Generally, in my everyday life, I’d like to think of myself as pretty low-maintenance. When it comes to buying gifts, for example, family and friends often remark how easy it is to buy for me. I don’t want diamonds or designer clothes, a battered old book, novelty socks or craft supplies would make me much happier! So when it came to planning for the wedding, I figured my vision of a beautiful, outside, rustic themed ceremony was pretty low-maintenance too.

How bloody wrong I was!

Cute, but easy Bridesmaid Proposal DIY!

My mantra for this wedding is 'I only plan on doing this once, so let's do it right'. Don't get me wrong, this doesn't mean I want to spend a whole bunch of unnecessary money on it, but I do want it to be special. So, instead of just calling my friends to ask them to be Bridesmaids, I decided to make a little keep sake for them to pop the question as it were. I looked all over Pinterest but everything seemed to cost quite a bit, and with a fair few bridesmaids, I just couldn't afford that! As I was going home just a few days after we had gotten engaged, and I wanted to ask them in person, this meant I had to think fast, on a very tight budget. I got a multi pack of matches, in the bigger box, for about £1. Everything else used were just bits and pieces from my over flowing craft drawers.

WTF I'm engaged!

Holy crap balls, I am engaged. I, Codie Louise Austin, who has no matching socks or earrings, who would eat chocolate for breakfast every day, who still thinks farts are hilarious, am getting married!