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YeeRah Liverpool - Restaurant Review*

I’ll be honest, when YeeRah slid into my inbox and asked if I wanted to review their new menu (note to companies: always yes!), I couldn't for the life of me recall having ever seen them before. It wasn’t until we went the escalators in Liverpool One and I saw the restaurant that I remember passing by so many times thinking “Ooh, that place looks good”, before being boring and going with a trusty often-visited place instead. 

New York: Spend or Save? Part 1

Even as a small child, I have always wanted to go to New York. It’s where things happened. Where the cool kids lived. From the cast of Friends, to characters in my YA  angsty books (Princess Diaries, Nick and Norah Judy Blume books etc), New York was always The Dream. So when I got the chance to go in Summer 2013, as part of an epic cross country trip, I couldn’t believe it. Actual, real-life New York.

Chester Roomzzz Review*

impression that hotels should be nice and fancy (& a little pretentious), with an over priced restaurant and unnecessary room service. However, after staying in two Roomzzz apart-hotels, I am actually gutted that they're not in more cities - I love them! (They are also incredibly priced if you're on a budget!)

Wilson's Kitchen, Southport - The Steaks are High

My name’s Codie, and I LOVE steak. It’s up there with my favourite foods and is probably 90% of the reason I’ve not yet managed to become vegetarian. I bloody love steak. (I enjoy it medium-rare, so you could say I love bloody steak!). So when I heard about Wilson’s Kitchen in Southport having a steak special on a Wednesday, and our anniversary happening to be on a Wednesday, it felt like fate - or at least a happy coincidence!

Disneyland Ride Review

Rides are a big part of the Disneyland experience, and as a big fan of rollercoasters and thrill rides, I knew I wanted to go on everything. It was a bit more difficult, however, trying to work out what the children could/would want to go on, when we didn’t know much about the ride. So, I've put together this handy little guide of the rides (poet & I know it), so you can work out what is worth the wait, and what will end in terrified tears!

The Buda-best of Budapest

We’ve had an amazing four days and I already know a few people who are planning on venturing out to Budapest this side of Christmas, so I want to make sure my reviews and blogs on this are as detailed as possible. Hopefully they’ll be just as interesting to read for those just wanting to know about our trip, as they will be useful to those using them as travel advice.