Whitewash Nano: Tooth Whitening Review

One of my biggest insecurities is my teeth. I’ve had braces twice but the little buggers don’t want to stay in their place, and with paying for a wedding, I can’t afford to get them done beforehand. So while trying to love (or at least accept) the little gap in the front and the slightly goofy look that comes with it, I knew I wanted them white. The problem with that is knowing where to start! 

YeeRah Liverpool - Restaurant Review*

I’ll be honest, when YeeRah slid into my inbox and asked if I wanted to review their new menu (note to companies: always yes!), I couldn't for the life of me recall having ever seen them before. It wasn’t until we went the escalators in Liverpool One and I saw the restaurant that I remember passing by so many times thinking “Ooh, that place looks good”, before being boring and going with a trusty often-visited place instead. 

Homesense Haul - Wedding & Garden Inspiration*

You all know how much I love Homesense, so when they offered me a giftcard to check out their new ranges in store, I was over the moon!

Because the summer is creeping up on us, there are so many garden items that are new in and I was set the challenge to look for things that could work for doing up our garden (eventually! Come on good weather and motivation!) as well as potentially the wedding too. With the wedding being outside it ties in perfectly, so here is what I got...! 

Blog Events 101

April is set to be a busy month for me in terms of blogger events (#humblebrag) and I thought it might be useful to write a little post about the various types of events and my top tips for attending, to hopefully help some newer bloggers, or those who have yet to venture to an event

Cruelty Free Make-up

I'm a veggie for a whole host of different reasons, but animal welfare is a pretty huge one. So it would seem silly for me to not try to make cruelty-free choices when it comes to my makeup and beauty choices. After all, I'm against animals being bred and slaughtered for my tummy, so why would I want them to suffer for my face? 

Pizza Express Formby: Review* (All the food!)

On Friday, Steven and I were lucky enough to be invited by Pizza Express (total babes) to check out their new restaurant in Formby. So, Slimming World be damned, we headed off (dressed far too fancily for pizza, but we don’t go out much…!), ready to eat all the food. 

The (Broken) Vagina Monologues - Part 2

Steven, my future husband, is a very attractive man. The most attractive, I would say, and when we first got together, I was insatiable. We would rock up to everything, slightly late, with sex hair and that glorious haze that follows new couples around post-coitus. It was amazing. He was amazing and, fuck it, I was amazing too. Everything was wonderful.

The (Broken) Vagina Monologues - An Introduction

I am an unashamed over-sharer. Whether it be ingrown hairs, repulsive (but hilarious) farts, or embarrassing moments, I’m not afraid to have a chat about the things that others shy away from. I’m not sure why this is - perhaps I just have no shame - or where it stemmed from, but one thing I have noticed, is that for every one person who is horrified and vows never to speak to me again, there are several who find it hilarious and one that finds it useful. That’s where the idea for this series came from. 

What Am I Doing with my Life: 2017 Edition

I feel that this is a running theme in my world. Like, what actually am I doing with my life?!

The answer at the moment is working too much and neglecting my poor blog(s) and Youtube channel. When writing is your job, and you make vlogs for a client, it's easy to forget about the OGs like your own personal blog - which is exactly what I have done for the past year! 

Alternative Advent - Mad Beauty*

Don’t get me wrong, I love chocolate. The idea of a little square of chocolate every day for the whole month of December is one that brings me joy. However, recently I have been really interested by the other advent options that are out there. Any sort of surprise gift every day is a win in my eyes so I have decided to cover a few of the most popular alternative Advent calendars available this year. 

How to go Vegetarian

I have been a vegetarian for six whole months (yay!), and I get that that isn't a long time, but hey, we all start somewhere, right? That’s what I want to talk about today. A few people have mentioned to me over the past few weeks that they are considering becoming a vegetarian (most of them don’t eat a whole lot of meat anyway. I ate a lot so it was a pretty weird transition, but if I can do it, so can anyone :)) and I’m always too excited to word may response properly, so I thought I would write it here, so that if anyone needed that last bit of encouragement to quit meat, they could get it!